Recognising a community of credit professionals

The Credit 500 Gala is an evening of networking, great food, drink and live entertainment in the company of the most influential and prominent people within credit in the heart of the British politics district, Westminster.

Taking place immediately following the Credit Summit and at the culmination of Credit Week, the Credit 500
The Credit 500 is the index of the most influential members of the credit industry consisting of:
  • Car Finance 50
  • Commercial Finance 50
  • Consumer Credit 100
  • European NPL 75
  • Household Credit 75
  • Influencer 50
  • Knowledge & Professional Services 50
  • Trade Credit 50

Why attend?

Join the members of the current Credit 500, as well as those hopeful to make 2018’s 500 index, as we relax and enjoy entertainment after a hard week of meetings, events and networking. It's the ideal way to cap off the industry's week of events.

The Credit 500 Gala is the quintessential chance to meet the biggest names in all areas of the credit industry.


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Credit 500

Zoe Ackland

Susan AclandHood

Christos Adam

Shaheen Afzal

Sarah Albon

Peter Alderson

Bill Alley

Stephen Allinson

David Andrews

Jonathan Andrews

Albert Angersbach

Alexia Antoniou

James Appleby

George Ashworth

Michalis Athanasiou

Theodoros Athanassopoulos

Krista Baetens

Andrew Bailey

Fiona Bailey

Katherine Bailey


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