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Conference opening address: John Ingram, CEO, MortgageGym


Overview of the market

  • How demographic changes are changing the shape of the industry
  • How the industry and supporting industries can tackle shortages in housing supply and what the current state of housing stock means for the market
  • Which new building techniques such as modular housing are gaining traction in the UK and how the industry can support and adapt to them
  • Which current challenges are most prescient to lenders and how business models can adapt to take advantage of these
  • With the continued trend towards intermediaries, what is the lenders current place in the broader market


Paul Broadhead

Director of Mortgage Policy



FCA address

  • Overview of current regulatory successes taking place in the mortgage space
  • Overview of future regulatory challenges
  • A look at current industry dynamics

Representative TBC

Representative TBC






Overview of the broker market

  • As the market share of brokered mortgages increases what pressures do brokers still face
  • What do current macroeconomic changes mean for the broker market
  • With an ever increasing market share what is a brokers role in leading the market

David Hollingworth

Associate Director

London & Country


Jeremy Duncombe


Legal & General Mortgage Club


Peter Izard

Business Development Manager


Risk stream

Product and distribution stream




Macro changes and impact on credit risk


  • How modern building methods, such as modular housing, are being translated into risk methodology
  • How risk departments can keep up with changing demographics
  • What the growing number of self employed workers means for credit risk professionals


Andrew Baddeley-Chappell

Former Head of Policy and Governance



Nick Barnes

Head of Research


Adapting to change in the broker market


  • How technology is changing the face of the broker lender relationship
  • How banks and brokers can better work together
  • How brokers can best interact with new customers
  • How lenders can improve to aid broker interaction with customers

Ray Boulger

Senior Technical Manager

John Charcol


Andrew Montlake

Founding Director



Martese Carton

Head of Intermediary Distribution

Leeds Building Society


Jenny Watts








Panel: Credit assessment built for everyone


  • Are current credit risk assessment processes as accurate as they could be
  • Can current methods of credit assessment be used despite changing business models
  • How do we ensure credit processes recognise changing consumers
  • How do we decide which factors are the most important in judging credit-worthiness
  • How do we increase the speed of credit decisions without sacrificing reliability
  • Which are the next steps towards automated credit decisions


Adam Evetts

Head of Credit Risk

The West Brom

Panel: Buy to let

  • What the effects of changes in buy to let legislation have been and what do we expect to see going forward
  • How stamp duty changes are altering the market and it’s structure
  • What the changes are meaning for the mortgage industry
  • How the industry can best support the buy to let market moving forward


John Goodall




Jamie Pritchard

Head of Sales

Precise Mortgages


Richard Lambert






Alternative data and how we harness it

  • What is alternative data and what could it be
  • What are the advantages of using alternative data over traditional data and why these are growing in importance
  • What are the current legislative implications of alternative data use
  • Will alternative data create fairer credit risk decisions and responsibly increase the availability of financial products

Sponsorship Opportunity

Combining digital tools with knowledgeable advisors

  • What pressures financial technology is putting on costs and returns in the mortgage sector
  • How financial technology and digital tools can be integrated alongside existing business models
  • What the role of advisors will be moving forward
  • How we best understand our customer’s desire for efficiency and simplicity
  • How we reconcile this with their want for human interaction


Sponsorship Opportunity




Case study: Metro Bank

  • An in-depth study of Metro Bank’s front to back change of their mortgage processes
  • Why customer experience remained paramount throughout the process
  • Where Metro Bank are benefiting from a streamlined process
  • Why speed of risk decisions remained at the heart of Metro’s plans
  • How Metro have future proofed their processes


Doriana Iovino

Director Credit Risk & Analytics

Metro Bank PLC

The growth of niche mortgage solutions


  • Why lenders are looking towards niche products like life time and guarantor mortgages
  • What second charge mortgages being brought within the MCOB regime means for both lenders and brokers
  • Why product differentiation is as important as price in the mortgage market
  • Why lenders should be encouraged to offer a larger range of products and how the added competition benefits the entire market
  • How brokers can continue to offer the best advice with a growing range of products



Cammy Amaira

Head of Intermediary Sales

Family Building Society


Fiona Hoyle

Head of Consumer Finance



Mike Lawton

Managing Director

Which? Specialist Mortgages




How to evolve the market

  • How we can develop a culture of innovation in the mortgage market
  • Who should be involved in digitization efforts
  • How we best understand different customers varying attitudes to mortgage products


John Ingram




Case study: Putting intermediary at the heart of HSBC

  • Why HSBC is putting intermediaries at the Heart of their mortgage strategy
  • Why the needs of brokers are first and foremost throughout the mortgage business
  • The shift happening at HSBC across departments to improve how they interact with brokers
  • How intermediary slots into HSBC’s overall mortgage strategy
  • Why HSBC, one of the world’s largest banks is looking to compete on service

Chris Pearson

Head of Intermediary Mortgages



Closing Remarks


Conference Close



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