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Get to know… Grant Hendry

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MCN6 - Get to know... Grant Hendry

This week we’re getting to know MortgageGym’s Grant Hendry. Those who’ve been following the newsletter will probably have read the blog he contributed last week, and if you haven’t yet I’d highly recommend the fascinating piece on technology supporting brokers he’s penned for us this week. I thought you’d like to get to know him…


What is the story of your career so far?

I’ve been working in the mortgage industry for over fifteen years, having got my start at Abbey National and Nationwide. After a brief interlude in financial services in Switzerland, I returned to the UK and joined Metro Bank in business development. It was also during this time that I became interested in the role of technology in changing financial services. Given my interest in technology, I decided to reach out to the team at Atom Bank to have a conversation about app-based banking and ended up being offered a job!


What was it that first attracted you to the mortgage market?


My interest in technology was growing rapidly and I recognised that the mortgage market was lagging other financial services. I was on the lookout for an opportunity to help introduce a unique technological solution to the brokerage community and that’s when I found MortgageGym.


Your job role is Head of Digital Community; tell us about this role and how you see this community developing:


My role is to build a digital community with brokers who want to embrace technology and transform the way in which they currently work. This digital community aims to be open and transparent, allowing brokers to share best practices. We also want to help brokers to grow their digital profile. Our digital community is a place to which brokers can turn for advice, encouragement, and support. We have no legacy, but we want to look forward to the future of mortgages.


Coming from Metro and Atom, you’ve worked in some innovative environments, did you expect to see something like MortgageGym arising?

Absolutely. Banks and lenders have been at a crossroads waiting for a solution, but reluctant to overcommit budgets to novel technological solutions. The key developments for MortgageGym have been the introduction of APIs that allow third parties to access live lender data, credit files, and, eventually, live spending data. In my opinion, we are witnessing the democratisation of financial services with MortgageGym at the forefront.


Which sessions are you most looking forward to at the conference, and why are they important?


I am looking forward to meeting with some of the key industry players and hearing their views and opinions on the mortgage market. Whether it’s the session on “Credit Risk” or “Change in the Broker” market, every session will offer something new and interesting to think about.


As always, make sure you catch Grant at the Credit Strategy's Mortgage Conference, he’s mighty tall so you shouldn’t miss him.



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