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SWOT analysis for commercial finance

  • Mapping out a market in flux:
    • Understanding the digital obstacles and opportunities
    • How regulation is shaping the broker/lender dynamic
    • Exploring how innovation is affecting deal origination, structure and delivery
  • Is the market overheating and is growth sustainable?
  • Assessing the future sustainability of the market


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9.30 PANEL

The state of the market

  • Exploring the economic and political landscape
  • New market players and market participants going through change
  • Analysing the structural changes within the market
  • Assessing the current failure rate
  • Whether the government sees the industry as too commission hungry


David Pickering

Chief Executive Officer


Fred Crawley

Consulting Editor

Credit Strategy



10:10 PANEL

Rethinking origination models – brokers and online

  • How asset and invoice finance will be distributed over the next 12-24 months
  • Exploring the innovation we are likely to see
    • What do we desperately need?
  • Managing the costs and pressures of high street brokers and lenders
  • Ensuring customers feel like they’re buying from people, not technology
  • Maximising efficiencies and understand costs for acquiring customers
  • Implications for underwriting
  • How data is used –matching of customers to lenders
  • Compensation models for personal and online brokers


Andy Taylor

Head of Sales


Representative TBC

Representative TBC




10:30 Break




Sources of data for SME customers

  • Sourcing data for lenders under the new credit data regulations:
    • Payment Services Directive 2
    • Finance Platforms Act
  • How PSD2 will impact:
    • Underwriting accuracy
    • More competitive pricing
  • PSD2 has the potential to be the biggest change in underwriting since credit rating bureaux – how much of a difference will it make in reality?


Olly Betts

Chief Executive Officer




11:30 PANEL

Getting underwriting right

  • Balancing underwriting decisioning: Automated vs manual
  • Decisioning for:
    • SME / corporate
    • Small business / commercial
  • Asset v balance sheet underwriting
  • Using digital tech correctly to drive speed
  • Incorporating credit and non-traditional information
  • Understanding customer’s current service and speed level requirements
  • P2P: Are we heading towards underwriting issues?



Rael Sarembock

Co-Founder & Partner


Mark Williams

Head of Business Credit & Risk


John Davies

Chief Executive Officer





Compliance for the ‘s’ side of the SME market

  • How tiny firms are regulated
  • Exploring the future likelihood of smaller players being further protected


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12:30 Lunch


Structuring deals – and businesses - for multiple finance types

  • How businesses can set themselves up for receipt of a range of finance types
  • How deals can be structured to encompasses multiple types of finance
  • Where different types of finance are appropriate and how they can interact
  • Which cases multiple financings make sense and where they can struggle



13:50 PANEL

Users’ views on asset and invoice finance

  • How larger SMEs are currently using finance
  • Exploring the motivations behind users sourcing finance options
  • Understanding what users demand from service
  • Where finance has proven to be useful…and mis-sold


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14:30 PANEL

Technology and customer management/service: Online, self-serve

  • How technology is being deployed in customer service
  • How the personal touch can be replaced in self service
  • Whether finance providers using tech based self-service platforms are:
    • Less likely to upsell
    • Losing the customer relationships

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15:10 Break



Customer service, collections & recoveries

  • Exploring the available options open to providers looking to recover debts
  • Maintaining a customer relationship through the recoveries process
    • Should finance providers want to maintain a relationship with unreliable customers?


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15:50 PANEL

Insolvency, auctioning and remarketing

  • Why you may need to look at insolvency, auctioning and remarketing
  • Exploring the options available and why they each may make sense for you
  • Understanding the reputational risk
  • Incorparating insolvency, auctioning and remarketing into your business plan


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16:30 Close of conference



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