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08.55: Opening address from Credit Strategy

Marcel Le Gouais



09.00: Opening address from Credit Strategy

Leigh Berkley

Vice President


09.10: Collections ready: Strategies addressing economic uncertainty


Focussed discussion analysing the steep growth in household debt over the last year. How are creditors preparing to deal with the rising levels of consumer credit, a potential upswing in bad debt levels among consumer portfolios amid economic uncertainty, as well as FCA proposals?

  • Are creditors prepared for an economic downturn, or any event that would impact consumers who are just about managing?
    • Prices v wages: how is this impacting customer affordability?
    • High growth rate, are current growth rates sustainable?
  • Examining potential changes to the provision of unarranged overdrafts proposals and clarification of rules relating to creditworthiness and affordability

Interested in leading the discussion on this topic? If so, please contact Andrew Tosh or +44 (0)20 7940 4818

09.45: Future models for debt sale and contingency collections

  • How is debt sale working for major banks?
    • Are current prices sustainable?
    • Thoughts on the debt sale process
  • Is UK debt sale having a significant impact on contingency collections?

Interested in leading the discussion on this topic? If so, please contact Andrew Tosh or +44 (0)20 7940 4818

10.20 Public sector collections: Strategy and conduct

  • Panellists off their current debt management strategy
  • What standards are public sector organisations adhering to for collections and debt sale?



Michael Hainge

Commercial Director



Paul Mason

Executive Director of Repayments and Counter Fraud



10.55 Break


This stream will explore collections operations, exceeding regulatory requirements and customer treatment


Fred Crawley

Consulting Editor



This stream will explore how the debt purchase market is converging across Europe


Leigh Berkley

Vice President


11.15 Governance and conduct risk in 2018

  • What will the Senior Manager’s regime mean for collections?
  • How the Standard Financial Statement will affect the I&E process
    • Impact upon existing internal systems
  • Proven successes within collections customer treatment
    • Building a more accurate picture of the customer
    • Setting a level of forbearance at an early stage
  • Training and empowering front line staff for customer assessment
    • Training staff to set up effective repayment plans with customers
  • Ensuring the wellbeing of staff

Iain Cheshire

Head of Credit Underwriting



Richard Wilson

Group Chief Credit Officer


11.15 The European NPL Market

  • Understanding the global debt sale landscape
    • Making the right investments in a high risk, low yield environment
    • Exploring opportunities for debt sale in Europe
  • Analysing deal flow in 2017
  • Market analysis: Northern & Western Europe
    • Ongoing debt sale opportunities in the mature markets
  • Market analysis: Southern & Eastern Europe
    • Potential for debt sale in less mature NPL markets

Interested in leading the discussion on this topic? If so, please contact Andrew Tosh or +44 (0)20 7940 4818

11.50 Identifying and acting on customer vulnerability

  • Against the backdrop of regulation, how are creditors classifying vulnerability?
  • Current thinking and successful strategies to improve customer treatment and journey
  • Internal processes for handling vulnerable customers: Identification, categorisation and treatment
  • Best practice for communication and engagement


Chris Fitch

Research Fellow, Personal Finance Research Centre



Heather Williams

Head of Collections


11.50 Effective portfolio management

  • Best practice examples of the importance of modernising portfolio management processes to maximise returns or attract debt purchasers
  • Maintaining accurate consumer data and regular contact with customers to improve collections
  • How updated managed systems can enhance cooperation and relationships with an outsourced servicer
  • Perspectives on managing secured portfolios
  • Perspectives on managing unsecured portfolios
    • Discussing the value of quality consumer data in the absence of collateralised assets

Interested in leading the discussion on this topic? If so, please contact Andrew Tosh or +44 (0)20 7940 4818

12.25 Lunch

13.30 Where digitalisation is improving collections practice and customer service

  • Assessing the benefits of approaching customers through multiple channels
    • Ability to make contact at a time convenient for customers
    • Strengthen customer relationships
  • Dealing with legacy systems

Randy McFarlane

Head of Sales and Partnerships



Ross Molden

Head of Collections and Recoveries Strategy


13.30 Debt sale panel: Northern and Western Europe

  • Panellists discuss ongoing deleveraging opportunities Sale to debt purchasers and funders
  • Deleveraging NPLs to “bad banks”
  • In the process of sale, best practice examples of:
  • Adding value to portfolio through good quality data
  • Vetting reputable buyers
  • Selling portfolio to fund from different jurisdictionsorthern and Western Eur

Interested in leading the discussion on this topic? If so, please contact Andrew Tosh or +44 (0)20 7940 4818


14.05 Changes to affordability assessments

  • Assessing customer indebtedness and affordability
  • How CONC has influenced guidelines to affordability
  • Understanding how I&E checks are evolving?
    • The effects of increasing automation

Interested in leading the discussion on this topic? If so, please contact Andrew Tosh or +44 (0)20 7940 4818

14.05 Debt sale panel: Southern and Eastern Europe

  • Understanding the potential for debt sale in Southern and Eastern Europe
  • Exploring the benefits and risks of bad banks in these jurisdictions
  • What are the current strategies for banks operating in these regions




Iñigo Velázquez

Managing Director - Banking and Portfolios




George Bobvos

Real Estate Asset Management



14.40 Break

15.00 IFRS 9

  • How will IFRS 9 change impairment loss calculations?
  • Understanding its potential impact of identifying risk early and preventing accounts falling into arrears
  • How will IFRS 9 impact debt sale?

Interested in leading the discussion on this topic? If so, please contact Andrew Tosh or +44 (0)20 7940 4818

15.35 GDPR and ePrivacy

  • Ensuring you and other staff are aware of compliance procedures
  • Appointing a Data Protection Officer
  • How to minimise risk in the event of a breach
    • What are the potential risks?
    • What are the consequences of breaches?
  • Understanding ePrivacy regulation, implemented in line with GDPR
    • How firms will now have to transmit data

Leigh Berkley

Vice President


16.10 End of conference

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