Credit Summit 2019
19 MARCH 2020 | LONDON, UK

Full agenda

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08.15 | Registration Opens

08.50 | Opening Addresses

Luke Broadhurst, Chief Executive, Credit Strategy

Tom Blacksell, Managing Director UKI B2B, Experian


Fleming 3rd Floor

09.00 | FCA Annual Address

• Understanding the regulatory focus over the next 12 months

• Mitigating conduct risk to ensure fairer treatment for customers

• Operating under the FCA


Jonathan Davidson, Head of Retail Supervision, The FCA


Fleming 3rd Floor

09.20 | Political Debate: Consumer Debt and the Future of Credit

• Gain the view from Westminster on the credit industry

• What can be done to tackle rising consumer debt?

• How are major political parties seeing the future role of the credit industry?


Chair: Naga Munchetty, Broadcaster


Baroness Kramer, Treasury Spokesperson, The Liberal Democrats

Anneliese Dodds MP, Shadow Treasury Minister, The Labour Party


Fleming 3rd Floor

09.50 | Executive Panel: Consumer Debt and the Future of Credit

• The panels reaction to the earlier debate

• Where industry experts see the future of credit

• How to remain customer focused in a changing industry

• What is the responsibility of the industry in tackling consumer debt


Chair: Naga Munchetty, Broadcaster


Julia Dunn, Chief Risk Officer, Nationwide Building Society

Dave Poole, Chief Risk Officer, BrightHouse

Tom Blacksell, Managing Director UKI B2B, Experian

Joanna Elson, Chief Executive Officer, Money Advice Trust



Fleming 3rd Floor

10.30 | Economic Overview for Credit and Collections

• Understanding how the political and financial landscape will continue to affect the credit market

• The economic likelihood and political appetite for change


Trevor Williams, Former Group Chief Economist, Lloyds Banking Group


Fleming 3rd Floor

10.50 | Morning Tea, Networking and Exhibition Break

11.10 | Expand to see all streams

Economist View on Brexit


• Analysis of the options currently on the table and the effects they’ll have on you

• Where they see the UK plc in the short and long term


Chair: Naga Munchetty, Broadcaster


Julian Jessop, Independent Economist

Managing Change is Key to Digitalisation


• The significant developments in the use of technology in financial services and credit management: considering the human impact

• How do we respond to rapid change?

• How can we ensure our response to change is positive and constructive to make the best of the new whilst ensuring we keep the strengths of existing skills?


Tanya Giles, Regional Manager (Wales & South West), Atradius

Market Conditions, Regulation and Competition


• 2018 has seen 7 energy companies exit the market. What are the implications to UK consumers? What does it mean for competition etc?

• Ofgem’s safety net procedures to protect customers and promote competition

• The future of energy, water and telecoms supply: where’s the UK consumer at?

• How are consumers shaping the demand and what’s changing?


Chair: Ian Parry, Director of Retail, Bristol Energy


Clive Jacobs, Head of Credit, Orsted Energy

Stephen Murray, Energy Commercial Manager, MONEYSUPERMARKET.COM

Sam Miles, Consultant, Social Energy


Affordability Industry Panel


• What does affordability look like in 2019?

• Creditworthiness and affordability: common misunderstandings

• Lenders are perplexed about the messages from the FCA and FOS

• Interpreting affordability and transforming it in to policy: practical considerations and impacts

• Who within the panels’ businesses are most impacted by matters pertaining to affordability

• Innovative credit risk practises to assess affordability


Tamas Kopanyi, Head of Credit Risk – Collections and Recoveries, Argos Financial Services

Carla Lourenco, Head of Credit Risk, Evolution Money

Jason Wassell, Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Finance Association

Gauging the Possibilities


• How financial services could be transformed

• The impacts that open banking is having on the credit sector

• Creating innovation to help the underserved

• New innovative and the future direction of banking products?

• Creating an increasingly competitive market


Chair: Karl-Magnus Wadsack, Director of Strategic Alliances for Open Banking, Equifax UK


Emma Steeley, Chief Executive, AccountScore

Gareth Mcnab, Money Advice Liason, Nationwide Building Society

Irina Tysganok, Open Banking Lead, Lloyds Banking Group

Credit Risk Strategy Insight Session


• The outlook for consumer lending over the next few 12 months

• How the major lenders are enhancing the customer journey through credit risk and collections

• Instilling the correct risk culture

• Exceeding the regulatory requirements that have been set

• Understanding the level of uncertainty that the Brexit vote has provided

• Gauging the appetite for debt sale


Victoria Stubbs, Chief Risk Officer, Cambridge Building Society

Katy Barnes, Head of Risk, Sky

Dave Poole, Chief Risk Officer, BrightHouse



11.45 | Expand to see all streams

Industry Wargaming

• How financial institutions are preparing for Brexit

• Where they are in preparations and where you should be

• Potential regulatory ramifications

• Next steps post Article 50

Chair: Naga Munchetty, Broadcaster

Mark Paskowitz, Chief Risk Officer, Amigo Loans

Stuart Sykes, Chief Operating Officer, Castle Trust

Penelope Clarke, Head of Credit Risk, Vodafone

Spencer Halil, Managing Director, Alphera Financial Services

Compliance Update: Understanding and Responding to Requirements


• What’s on the horizon and shaping the future of credit management

• The use of technology in financial services and credit management: do you understand potential implications?

• How robust are your cyber and fraud protection mechanisms?

• The role of customer management in credit risk


Chair: Philip King, Chief Executive, CICM


Diana Keeling, Head of Compliance, Ian Williams

Katherine Bailey, Credit Manager – Legal & Compliance, Valor Hospitality Europe

Optimised and Risk-free Digital Journeys


• Understand what effective digital onboarding looks like from a consumer and architecture viewpoint

• Hear about how innovation across data and analytics is uncovering new opportunity and enabling product and market expansion

• Understand what the ‘value exchange’ needs to be in order to provoke data sharing and retain custom

• Navigate how data can be a vital asset to streamlining applications through to reducing fraud and risk. In addition, maximising your customer lifetime value and supporting acquisition and retention strategies

• Hear about how new data, analytics and technology can help to relieve friction but also make effective and intelligent decisions in real-time, across each individual customer – specifically exploring how you can identify vulnerability across your portfolio, and make decisions that are inclusive of all

• Learn more about how industry peers globally are innovating and the rewards seen from new-thinking and digital transformation



Rachel Gray, Sales Director for Telco, Utilities and Public Sector, Experian

Jason Smith, Co-lead Global Data Exchange Team, Experian

Customer Experience Excellence: Building Customer Trust and Enhancing Engagement


• Enhancing the relationship with the customer: evidencing success

• What are the most contentious issues facing alternative lenders

• Innovative customer experience initiatives

• How are the panellists driving continuous improvement?

• Using digital to benefit the customers experience

• Contentious relationship management throughout the customer lifecycle


Chair: Jason Wassel, Chief Executive, Consumer Finance Association


Denise Crossley, Chief Executive Officer, Lantern

Jonathan Hodge, Chief Operating Officer,RateSetter

Tony Gundersen, UK Country Manager, Ferratum Group

Redefining the Customer Relationship Through Data


• Understand more about the open data opportunity, specifically exploring what decentralisation of data looks like and the opportunities still to be captured by all

• Explore what data orchestration looks like, from a data aggregation perspective, but also across your entire data management strategy

• Gain insight into the drivers for data sharing and what a value exchange looks like for the varying attitudes of consumers. How you build an effective exchange and how innovation will help you thrive

• Understand the hidden potential within data, how the open data environment and advances in analytics can create a unique combination to power your business – at speed, and scale

• Explore what benefits can be seen from open banking integration and optimisation, specifically around increased performance and efficiency across business functions

• Walk away with a full knowledge of what needs to be done, but also what opportunities are to be had from open banking, but also open data


Ian Major, Chief Business Officer, Runpath – an Experian company

Modernising Risk by Connecting a Person to Data

• The role of credit risk has evolved significantly, and continues to do so. But the fundamentals of balancing credit risk and growth remain. Today credit risk teams can be armed with new and previously unseen insight, that will benefit all tasks. In this session Mark will explore specifically:

• How new, and non-traditional, data can make everyone visible and provide everyone with fair access to credit.

• Understand how you can manage changing risk profiles – instantly react to change and better manage customers and their needs across the lifecycle.

• What the opportunities to reduce consumer exposure are, but also how you can better manage your portfolio exposure at the same time

• Gain a view of how you can understand capacity to pay, as well as willingness to pay, to a level that far surpasses what’s typically seen today – improve credit performance, negate the need for underwriting and better manage risk ratios by integrating advanced knowledge that considers the past, present and future circumstances of an individual

• Gain insight into how you can test the impact of changing your risk strategies and policies, but also be armed with the power of speed so you can integrate change fast, at scale, to equipping you with the ability to move at the speed of market


Mark Pearce, Strategic Business Development Director, Experian



12.20 | Expand to see all streams

International View of the UK Credit Market


• How international firms operating in the UK are seeing the UK market

• Potential for investment

• Where the UK stand now

• An international perspective on the big challenges being faced now



Chair: Naga Munchetty, Broadcaster


Arvind Varadhan, Chief Credit Officer & Vice President, Consumer Group, Europe, American Express

Paul Kennedy, Chief Risk Officer, National Bank of Kuwait

Data-Inspired Growth and AI


• Use of automation to undertake portfolio-wide analytics and first pass assessments

• Use of robotics to populate master data

• Leveraging the digital revolution

• Disrupting the traditional model of risk assessment through implementing automation and robotics


Chair: Philip King, Chief Executive, CICM


David Fisher, Head of Credit & Trade Finance, Shell Trading

James Gardiner, Global Head of Underwriting and Operations, Shell Trading

Customer Service, Experience and Complaint Management


• Customer engagement in 2019: approaches that have proven successful

• Customer insight – who is your customer?

• Innovative customer experience initiatives

• How are the panellists driving continuous improvement?

• Using digital to benefit the customers experience


Chair: Ian Parry, Director of Retail, Bristol Energy


Mark Chapman, Head of Collections, Complaints and Social Media, Ovo Energy

Lizzie Hieron, Managing Director, Social Energy

Nicholas Whitefield, Customer Care Operations Manager, Bristol Energy

What Does Good and Effective Complaints Management Look Like?


• The current state of complaints culture in alternative lending

• Where do claims management companies have their sights set within the wider consumer credit market?

• The process, cost and consequences of complaints

• Proactive customer redress schemes

• What are the panellists plans and processes?

• Correlation between positive customer experience and a reduction in complaints: is it as easy as that?


Chair: Jason Wassel, Chief Executive, Consumer Finance Association


Nick Beal, Director of Legal & Compliance, Amigo Loans

Sheraz Afzal, Risk Compliance Director, The Money Shop UK

Greg Stevens, Chief Executive, CCTA

Open Banking Case Study


• A case study from a UK lender on their progress with open banking


Andy Kemp, Open Banking & Data Commercialisation Programme Lead, HSBC

Emma Steeley, Chief Executive, AccountScore

Beyond the ‘vulnerability’ label



• Why we need to look again at vulnerability.

• Fresh off the press, their new report, Stacked Against, reveals the breadth and depth of vulnerability and the overwhelming nature of multiple complex needs.

• Hear the key findings and experiences of CAP clients via video footage.


Dawn Stobart, Director of External Affairs, Christians Against Poverty

Rachel Gregory, Social Policy Manager, Christians Against Poverty




12.55 | Lunch, Structured Networking, Sponsor Events

14:05 | Good Ends: A Surprisingly Different Customer Experience.

Joe Macleod, Founder, Ends


Fleming 3rd Floor

14:30 | Women in Credit Panel: Supporting Diversity in the Industry

Chair: Naga Munchetty, Broadcaster


Victoria Stubbs, Chief Risk Officer, Cambridge Building Society

Denise Crossley, Chief Executive Officer, Lantern

Doriana Iovino, Director Credit Risk and Analytics, Metro Bank

Caroline Walton, Chief Executive, MyJar


Fleming 3rd Floor

15.10 | Afternoon Tea, Exhibition and Networking Break

15:35 | Expand to see all streams

The Next Face of Banking? How Challenger Banks are Changing Credit


• What does the future hold for challenger banks

• Is open banking a gamechanger?

• New innovation and new products, how are challenger banks changing the industry?

• What does this mean for the incumbents?


Chair: Naga Munchetty, Broadcaster

Aileen Gillan, Chief Risk Officer, Metro Bank

Diptendu Khan, Chief Risk Officer, Tandem Bank

Brendan LeGrange, Director, Financial Services Research & Consulting, TransUnion


Credit Risk, Management Essentials


• What critical information do you need to know to make sharper risk-based decisions?

• What is the scope of the due diligence that your company should perform to reduce your risk?

• In instances where your organisation may be considering expanding into new markets, what are the tools to increase your capacity?


Chair: Philip King, Chief Executive, CICM


Adrian Johnson, Credit Director, Harley-Davidson Europe Limited

Martin Kirby, Head of Order to Cash, Kier Group


Risk-assessment, Vulnerability and Affordability


• Insolvency assessment case study

• Alternative credit scoring and management

• Consumers’ individual circumstances are not the only factors on consumer vulnerability. Companies’ policies and behaviour can be equally important in contributing to consumers being at greater risk of vulnerability

• Safety net procedures to protect customers and promote competition


Chair: Matt Vaughan-Wilson, Partnerships Manager, Money Advice Trust


Stephen Banks, Head of Home and Business Credit Risk, npower

Mark Fawcitt, Credit Risk Manager, ScottishPower

Penelope Clarke, Head of Credit Risk, Vodafone

Vanessa Northam, Head of External Affairs, Tully

Dan Walker-Nolan, Principal, Strategy & Policy, Ofwat

Technology in Alternative Lending


• Defences against cyber-security and fraud

• Actual and pure AI

• Credit decisioning: what additional information can you use?

• How are the existing players taking up new technologies?

• What strategies do customers best engage with? Generational differences

• Technology to drive recruitment and retention in contact centres – performance improvements

• The best and new tools (software, program languages) to optimise analytics

• Gamification for:

  • More productivity
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Greater revenue
  • Staff retention
  • Regulatory adherence


Chair: Jason Wassell, Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Finance Association


Michael Hoare, Head of Credit, RateSetter

Jamie Stewart, Co-Founder & Director, Think Business Finance

Kristjan Novitski, Chief Executive, Cash on Go

Vaughan Owen, Chief Marketing Officer, ACQUIRED.COM

Case Study: Open Banking and the future of credit referencing


• Why is Open Banking so important to credit referencing?

• Use cases: Income verification and exceptions processing with Open Banking

• The power of Open Banking data


David Firth, Head of Product Management, TransUnion

Vulnerability & Culture Discussion

Against the backdrop of regulation, how are creditors classifying vulnerability?

• Current thinking and successful strategies to improve customer treatment and journey

• Internal processes for handling vulnerable customers: Identification, categorisation and treatment

• Best practice for communication and engagement

• Achievability of sustainable engagement, longer collections periods and solid relationships

• Strategies to prompt the customer to interact at their convenience

• Providing debt advice before the customer is in arrears

• How firms are identifying those who need additional support

Martin Coppack, Deputy Chief Executive, Lending Standards Board

Denise Crossley, Chief Executive, Lantern

Chris Fitch, Vulnerability Lead, Money Advice Trust

Investment Opportunities 2019 and Beyond


• Discussing the impact of GACS

• Perspectives on improving quality of portfolios

• Transparency and quality of data

• Panel offers their NPL resolution strategies

• Perspectives on deal sourcing

• Vetting reputable buyers

• Valuation and pricing targets


Bruce McLaren, Finance Director, Intrum

Razi Amin, Senior Analyst, International Finance Corporation





16:10 | Expand to see all streams

Customer Centric Product Design


• Creating customer centric lending products

• Changing customers and customer needs

• Socially responsible lending and the ideals behind Monzo’s credit products

• The Monzo response to the BA hack


Tim Trailor, Chief Credit Officer, Monzo Bank



The Smart Credit Manager: Let Your Reports Shine

  • Why interactive reporting makes credit managers smarter
  • How Credit Managers are perceived by others: Stereotype or truth? Reporting:
  • Key discipline but hated?
  • Report just the facts or send the right message?
  • Some pretty bad reporting examples
  • How to make better reports
  • How to use a Communication Standard to ease writing & reading reports
  • How differently the millennials generation communicates as compared with older workers
  • Data visualization is the wave of the future
  • How to become a smart & awesome credit manager

Stephan Glismann-Bringmann, Director Credit Management Solutions, CRIF CREDIT SOLUTIONS



Making a Success of Collections in a Regulated World


• Aspects of the collections process have fallen to the wayside as organisations struggle to meet the demands of regulators

• What to do if someone won’t pay and you have no enforcement route

• Innovative collections processes that work

• The cost of complying: Successful collections practices in the face of operational constraints

• Managing supplier relationships


Chair: Ian Parry, Director of Retail, Bristol Energy


Gary Grey, Head of Collections, Spark Energy

Matthew Lashbrook, Head of Debt and Credit Control, Green Network Energy

Paul Stretton, Operation Director, Green Star Energy

The secret world of payments


• Why the thought that payment systems are a hindrance more than a help is outdated

• How new technologies and partnerships can help uncover opportunities in the payments value chain

• Building deeper customer relationships, reducing friction and manual processes and unlock hidden margin and business insights through a deeper understanding of payment data


Vaughan Owen, Chief Marketing Officer, ACQUIRED.COM

OB4G: Open Banking for Good



Chair: Karl-Magnus Wadsack, Director of Strategic Alliances for Open Banking, Equifax UK


Phil Gosset, Senior Innovation Manager, Nationwide Building Society

Joanna Elson CBE, Chief Executive, Money Advice Trust

Olly Betts, Chief Executive, Openwrks


A Three Part Harmony: How demand, data and UX are reshaping the credit market


Richard Carter, Managing Director, Equiniti



Deleveraging Strategies


• Panellists provide insight on how to successfully deleverage NPLs

• Sale to debt purchasers and funders

• Deleveraging NPLs to “bad banks”

• Do banks find valuations acceptable?

• Vetting suitable buyers


Andreas Koutras, Head of Portfolio Risk, FBN Bank





16:45 | Expand to see all streams

Fleming 3rd Floor

Consumer First: Global Insights from TransUnion


  • Modern consumer lending has been through three major eras, we’re now in the early days of the fourth: the consumer first era
  • Start-ups are now established forces; regulation is ever-present but now more predictable; and as consumers’ wallets are fracturing as banking opens up, increase their mobility
  • In this environment, lenders need to compete on experience rather than price and against everyone not just other lenders
  • We will leverage global use cases to look at what this means for UK lenders


Brendan LeGrange, Director, Financial Services Research & Consulting, TransUnion



17.20 | End of Conference

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